Established in 1992, Sygma Industries is a business specializing in the production and supply of professional and high quality cutting tools and power tool accessories for many industries such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, MRO, and construction. Their facility is equipped with advanced and automated machines for greater quality control and workmanship. They are dedicated to giving customers durable, long-lasting, and excellent products at the highest value.

To excel in this business, their facility contains machinery and a professional staff for giving customers dependable products and great customer service. Their products include saw blades, drill bits, screwdriving bits, cut-off wheels, tapes, hose clamps, and others. Sygma items are usually sold to distributors for many industrial and construction applications.

Recip Blades Jigsaw Blades
Holesaws Hacksaws & Blades
HSS Drills Auger Bits
Spade Bits Screwdriving Bits

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